Delete the first zero numbers only

I’m trying to find a solution when I take the current queue items from orchestrator it will look in this way:

As you see 6 digit number start always with at least one zero number.


I don’t have any problem to access the Customer No, but I need somehow to delete only the first zero numbers.
For example:
001230 → 1230
001420 → 1420
000400-> 400
000030-> 30

How to assign in CurrCustNo this change?

I’m assuming these numbers are stored in Orchestrator as Strings.

If MyVal is the string representing your numbers (e.g. “001230”, “001420”, etc.), then you can assign an Int32 value MyInt to CInt(MyVal) to remove the leading zeroes.

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Thanks for the fast answer. It’s worked.
I will paste a screenshot of the solution above your comment, so everyone can take a look if they need help for this topic.

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