Delete rows based on value in one column

I have a datatable

I want to delete the booking group if any rows in Note column contains any text.

Output I want


I do currently have a solution (pics below) but it a long process. Just wondering if there is any other simple solution.
I can group them by

Have you tried using the filter datatable activity?

Filter Data Table (

@SenzoD yes but that won’t help me as I need to delete booking ID group if any row contains data.

@ravindar.singh Refer this .Xaml File.
Testing.xaml (10.6 KB)

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Hello @ravindar.singh,
From my understanding of your problem,
you could try to check if there is values in the column first then
create List as `Black list’ to save the Booking ID value at it.

after that do for each item in Datatable and delete any row that has Booking_Id value in the list ``BlackList.

I hope I could help you,
happy automation :robot: .


@sb001 I am kinda already doing this but now I found a simpler way

I added an extra column

Main.xaml (11.0 KB)

@AAydi I can do that but problem still stays how to remove rows or create DT with booking group which have no notes.
I found a simpler solution I have uploaded a .xmal for reference.