Compare 2 column values in rows and delete the rows where these column match

Hey everyone,

I will keep it as simple as possible, I have a datatable DT. It has multiple column and two of its columns are named “old” and “new”

Dt il like following
image (Picture is represantation I will read it DT from excel)

(For each row is not an option I have too many lines to go with a for loop)
I want to filter this dt so that only 100-90 column will be remaining I want to remove the lines where old and anew values are equal.

Thank you

Hi @jntrk

I developed a linq flow as you expected ,
Hope its solve your issue
try out my xaml file and update me whether you got a solution or not
test21.xaml (8.0 KB)

I get “the activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly error” could you take a screenshot of the code?

Hi @jntrk

Try out this syntax

Out_dt = (
From row in yourdatatable_variable
Where cint(row(“old”))<> cint(row(“new”))
Select row


thanks alot

Your welcome

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