Delete rows and column with filter data

I have an error when i try this :slight_smile:


Hi @Soudios

You column name is really “F:Z”?

You must add here the name of the column and if you have more than one, use it like this:

The name change for every excel file and i have a lot of column, other way ?

What I did when many filters is you can keep them in an array and then inside a for each loop you can apply the filter to the datatable “incrementally” by assigning to same datatable.

That way it would be for each item in array > Remove item.ToString if you store the Column Names in the Array.
Instead of storing the names (as they would be changing from file to file) just use the Column Index.

Other way you can use remove column activity in such loop to achieve the same result.

Hi, just filter you datatable first, without removing any columns, you can do it later by preserving only the columns that you want:

yourFilteredTable = yourFilteredTable.DefaultView.ToTable(False, arrayOfColumnsToPRESERVE)


t’s not so easy, the excel file is a template in which I insert new information every day. This template contains formulas that are updated according to the new information I enter. Once the processing of the day’s data is finished, I need to delete all the content previously inserted to make some free space for the following file