Delete row(s) directly from Excel sheet

Hi, how do I delete rows directly from the Excel sheet? I.e. I want the rest of the rows to move upwards if I delete it and not just erase its contents. Is there any way to do this without reading the sheet into a DataTable? Because the data is quite messy and I am relying on Excel rows and column locations to find values. I am using UiPath 2017 version and I don’t see any default activity to do this.

Use the Delete Range activity.
On the properties, check Shift Cells and choose ‘ShiftUp’ in the ShiftOption Property

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Hi, my version of UiPath does not have this activity. Is there another way to do this?

@DEATHFISH, Please install UiPath.Excel.Activities Version 2.4.6856.17931 or the latest version 2.5.2 (as of today) to use the DeleteRange activity

How to install packages?

Please refer the below link:

I am trying to update Excel package but it says unable to resolve dependency System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager (>= 4.5.0)

How do I resolve this?

Could you please check if the Official feed is configured in the studio?

Alternatively, you can also download the System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager package from the link:
and place it in any of the configured feeds like C:\Program files(x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages folder.