Delete row(s) directly from Excel sheet

Hi, how do I delete rows directly from the Excel sheet? I.e. I want the rest of the rows to move upwards if I delete it and not just erase its contents. Is there any way to do this without reading the sheet into a DataTable? Because the data is quite messy and I am relying on Excel rows and column locations to find values. I am using UiPath 2017 version and I don’t see any default activity to do this.

Use the Delete Range activity.
On the properties, check Shift Cells and choose ‘ShiftUp’ in the ShiftOption Property


Hi, my version of UiPath does not have this activity. Is there another way to do this?

@DEATHFISH, Please install UiPath.Excel.Activities Version 2.4.6856.17931 or the latest version 2.5.2 (as of today) to use the DeleteRange activity

How to install packages?

Please refer the below link:

I am trying to update Excel package but it says unable to resolve dependency System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager (>= 4.5.0)

How do I resolve this?

Could you please check if the Official feed is configured in the studio?

Alternatively, you can also download the System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager package from the link: NuGet Gallery | System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager 6.0.1
and place it in any of the configured feeds like C:\Program files(x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages folder.