Delete Range - Deleting Outside of Range

Hey guys, I have an excel file where I’m reading the range of the page, getting the length of that range and then deleting everything from the header. So in the delete range activity its ‘A2:L’ + vMyDataTable.rows.count , the problem is that this ends up deleting everything on the page including row A1 which I have my headers on.
Am I using this activity incorrectly?

Hi @cssc,
You can also try Insert/Delete rows activity.

Hi @cssc,

Check out attached solution, it’s working as expected. (22.0 KB)

I’m getting a range does not exist when running your file.

Hi @cssc,

What is the range?

Are you using the same excel file, same Sheet and same Project?

Kindly share more details about the error

Here it’s working perfectly.