Delete Queue items is deleting all the Queue Items in the Queue

I am using Delete Queue items but it is deleting all the queue items from the Queue.
Is there any workaround to delete only one single specific queue item ?


I guess what you are doing is :

  1. Get queue items
  2. Passing the result of ‘System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<UiPath.Core.QueueItem>’ which contains all the statuses but deletes the items in ‘New’ status.

What you need to do is filtering out the results as per your preference:

Filter it using the duration, priority, QueueItemStates, FilterStrategy (StartsWith or Equals) and even reference.

That will get you the desired result for the deletion. Get back if you have more queries


PS : Important thing is the Deletion of ‘New’ status Queue items can only be deleted.


Thank you @Raghavendraprasad
I believe we can delete Queue items with any status because i try with different status it is working


I am running 2019.5 community edition and here is the message that it displays when you hover over the input part in the properties panel for deletion of queue items.


So ‘New’ items can be deleted and the other items are only updated as ‘Deleted’ status but not actually removed (other items are processed so how you you ‘really’ delete except change it’s status), because of Audit purposes. If someone can actually delete the items then how can you keep track?

Regards :slight_smile:

Yes @Raghavendraprasad
That’s true. Can you please give me an example workflow how to delete one single Queue item or how to update status to failed.
Because the problem is i am using different process with different queue name as “PQueue” so this process will take the request and compare the business rules so if it didn’t satisfy the business rules then i need to delete this queue item from the same “PQueue” and also i need to delete from the other Queue named as “DQueue”

Sure Gimme some time I have to have queue items and orch. :slight_smile:

Yes sure. Please let me know once you finished
Thank you :slight_smile: