Delete multiple rows from a Datatable witout using Remove data row activity

I have an data table(dt1) of 40 records,copy first 20 records to another data table(dt2) and do some transactions on dt2 and remove first 20 records from dt1 and copy next 20 records to dt2.

How can we achieve this …for copying to datatable we can use
how can we do deleting top 20 records from Dt1 at a time?

delete from table where condition

what will be syntax to pass condition?
dt.rows.remove(row) – which will delete only one row
how can we give only 20 records here as condition


if it is possible just try the code like this

dt2 = dt1.AsEnumerable.Skip(20).CopyToDataTable();


Pradeep Sridharan

Thanks Pradeep for Reply.
for example if a have 60 records (which is not a fixed number) For Third run i need to skip first 40 records,so i can’t hard code 20 value with Skip,but if i am able to delete first 20 rows then i can select first 20 rows as any how first 20 rows are deleted