Delete first 15 rows of a data table

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I am facing issues while deleting first 15 rows of a data table . Can anybody help me with this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @atishaarav ,

Could you let us know What is the Method that you have tried and What Error are you receiving?

I tried using for each row and using remove data row activity inside it . However we cannot make changes to a DT while iterating through the same DT.

β€œFor Each Row: Collection was modified; enumeration operation might not execute.”

Got this error as result

Hi there @atishaarav,
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You should be able to achieve this via:
YourDT = YourDT.AsEnumerable().Skip(15).CopyToDataTable

Though, you will want to check your DataTable contains enough rows.
If - YourDT.Rows.Count > 15 Then
YourDT = YourDT.AsEnumerable().Skip(15).CopyToDataTable

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks once again for your support,

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@Mr_JDavey ,

It worked. Thanks a lot for quick solution

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