Delete duplicate records excel

Hi everyone,

I am trying to delete dupliactes,
first I used delete duplicate row activity it is not doing anything
then i used delete duplicate range but since range is not fixed, so it is not working
then i tried to create macro and it is also taking a fixed range but range changes for every new sheet.
I am doing something like this

Hi @Krishna_Sanghi

What validation error is throwing ?

Hello @Krishna_Sanghi,

Can you please be more specify about on what condition you need you find the duplicate row.

Hi @Krishna_Sanghi,

Refer this below link:

Hope this helps,


Sorry for replying so late. It is not showing any error, just not doing anything

Hi @Akshay07

let say there are 5 columns if all the columns are same for 2 rows then it should delete one row. No specific condition

Hi @1996
I have seen the solution but I didn’t understand it. the assign activities in the starting and other thing. My case is quite simple, this solution is different