Delete cells that are highlighted in yellow?

Is it possible to delete numbers in highlighted cells only? I need to delete anything in highlighted cells of a excel worksheet and they are placed at different columns and rows of the worksheet.

Try using the Excel get cell colour activity to identify which cells are highlighted?

can you show me what you mean?

Yeh I can try and help. How many columns do you have?

My approach would have been to use a for each row, loop through each row and get cell colour of column A, then Column B. Use an if statement to say if Column B is “Color [Yellow]” then Write cell as blank…

Doing this with our current activities can be very slow if you have a big file, take a look at his instead:


I have 5 columns. Column G, H, I,J, and L.

With so many columns you might be better to look at bcorrea’s solution. I’ve attached what I would have done. In my solution I have worked this columns G and H. You would need to add in I,J and L.

Does this help? CellColours.xaml (13.8 KB)

I can’t open your solution. Can you send it in a zip form? (2.4 KB)