Delay Usage Via Vb.Net in Invoke Code

Hi all,

I need to use delay,screenshot and more via VB.Net in invoke code. but i couldn’t get it. How can i manage that. This is my code and getting an error.

Dim myDelay As Delay
Dim setTime As TimeSpan


The error is that : ‘Public Overloads ReadOnly Property Milliseconds As Integer’ has no parameters and its return type cannot be indexed. And i got timespan error to.
So, how can i do via using

NOT : I have to use code no activity !!!


Hello @yigit.aybey ,

Do not use “Dim” to declare a variable. Instead of “Dim”, please use the arguments of the invoke activity.

Please check this linke . You have an example about how the activity works.

Hope it helsp!
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i handle it somehow via using threading method but i do not know how to do with for screenshot or any other activities. For my first priority is using screenshot via