Set Timeout to a code in invoke code

Hi devs, pls assist, I need to set timeout to a code I am using in invoke code.I need it to delay for sometime so it finish executing before running another code in invoke code pls

Hi @RPA-botDev

You can simply add the delay using delay activity.

This is how you should add for 30 seconds.


I want the timeout or delay as a code inside invoke code activity

Hi @RPA-botDev ,

Try using the Below Code :


The Next Task should be Delayed for 2 seconds


Great SupermanPunch, what of to timeout 10 milliseconds

@RPA-botDev ,

Sleep() takes Milliseconds value as it’s parameter.

Meaning you can provide Sleep(10) being 10 milliseconds of Delay.

Can we also provide timeout instead of delay, if so, how do we rewrite the coe?

@RPA-botDev ,

Could we Know why do you require a Timeout in the Invoke Code ?

Suggestions From Stack overflow, does mention the use of Timeout Property.

We should be able to do it in a Similar way

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