Delay activity - add a default time duration




so we can set the timespan easier


Hi Alex,

In the Library pane we already have delay snippets. Aren’t those enough? You can chose from there a delay with a pre-set value or drag one of those and modify it.


yes I know, but they are two clicks further :).


Why would you use delay so often?


I don’ use it so often. Actually I don’t use it at all in production.

But I find it good in debuging.
And typing colons on non US keyboards drives me crazy.

It’s not critical, I just thought it’s small change to make the ones like
me happy, while the other 99% devs who never use it won’t even notice.


Bine ma.


Just a sidenote - I usually use Timespan.FromMiliseconds(int miliseconds) instead of the HH:mm:SS syntax, just to keep it consistent with Timeout argument for most activities.
Makes it easier to use with other keyboard layouts as well.