Send Hotkey And Type Into Improvement

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you some small improvements on two activities in order to add functions for these activities.

Send Hotkey:
1 - Add a parameter “repeat” (Int32): Send the key X times
1b - Add a parameter “delay btw repeat”: to manage the delay between the repetitions

Type Into:
2 - Add a parameter “Type only if different”: If checked, ignore the activity if the value to type is same as the one already in the zone
3 - Add a “Trim” parameter: Trim the text that will be entered

That’s it, I know it’s not very revolutionary but these small improvement can speed up the dev and reduce the duration of a robot run.


Hi @Boaepa

Thank you for these suggestions.

Personally, I feel like these would add unnecessary complexity to the basic activities.

I get how one needs to workaround and construct a basic sequence to currently perform those actions, but I also feel like this is the way it should be. Small, basic bricks that allow you to build something bigger.

It would be nice to get more feedback from other users about this request :slight_smile:

I agree with @loginerror. There are ways how to achieve the same:
1/ Could be achieved by TypeInto and
string.join("", Enumerable.Repeat("[k(Tab)]",20))
(will type TAB key 20 times)

1b/ Could be achieved by DelayBetweenKeys of TypeInto
3/ Could be achieved by String.Trim method