Default Values in an Array

Hi Everyone!!

I need to create an array variable that has default values, but I haven’t found how I can do that.

Can you help me?

Variables is: ArrrayMonths
Type: Array of strings
Default: I have this ("January,“February”,“March”,“April”…). However, It is shows an advertisement that mentions that there is an error

Hi @Lucky0906,

You should use curly brackets in order to create an array.

For example: {“January”,“February”,“March”,“April”…}

Main.xaml (6.8 KB)


Also, right after the word “January, there should be another double quotation mark (”). So, in this case it would be “January”.


Can you let me know how to select string array type in variable pane. I am faceinfg lot of issue to select data type of variable.

Hi @vivekupadhyay

Variables pane: variable type → select Array of [T] → select the type String

Also if you click Browse for Types, you can search and select different variable types(ex. MailMessage)


Thanks :slight_smile:

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