Default Selected value on dropdown in UiPath apps


I am looking for a way to have a default value selected in a dropdown in UiPath apps.

My dropdown is populated with data from the data service but when the page is loaded the dropdown is blank. The user has to click on the dropdown to display the values and select one of them. The thing is that the users would like to have any of the value (it doesn’t matter which one) displayed by default on the dropdown instead of having a blank value.

I have tried several things (lookup, sort and even hardcode a dummy value) and nothing is working. Please, can someone help on that?


Hello @Suldarie ,

Please have a look at the video. We dont have a direct way to avoid empty selection right now but what you can do you can go to default select value and just enter one of the Text “” it should populate the default value. If this is from other entity you can write an expression to display.