Declaring the integer array with some fixed length

how to declare the integer array with some fixed length. I am getting the out of range exception.


Check this link,

iam getting the error for this .

Are you splitting some date string and putting it in the array string, what is the actual code you are looking for.

ya iam spliting the string and putting it to one array

can you place the split string and the assign activity value part here

now can you tell me what is the problem .

for integer i declared array_string = new integer(10){}
and string array as splitstring = {“a”} as default value

Alter your code like this and try,


in assign part iam getting the nullpointerexception

what is your increment variable, where it is initialized.

is my decalration is correct

For string array you can have like this,

New String(10){}

I am not clear on your whole process,

Step1: you are splitting a date String to a string array
Step2: you are converting those string array values to integer array.

Step3: ??

If you want to do something with the date string, then you can post that directly to get clear and flexible solution.

SplitStringAssign.xaml (13.2 KB)

cn you see this what is the probelm

Change your “from_date” variable data type to string from Generic Value.

from_date is variable from read cell so it is generic value . i change to .tostring while splitting but it is getting null reference exception

ya got it sarathi . thank you :slight_smile: