Declare and initialize 2-d array in uipath


I’m trying to initialise 2 dimensional array in UiPath with linq query : - Enumerable.Repeat(New Integer(int_Len2){},int_Len1+1).toArray

But the results yield after 2-d array creation are incorrect.

Need help on the same


It should be not int32 2d array but array of Array of Int32 (jagged array)
Can you try as the following?


Prototyping your start:

But still recommended to checkout what was mentioned by Yoichi

Has anyone created workflow for Levenshtein distance calculation ? I’m trying to convert the code at below link into workflow :-

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for Levenshtein distance calculation you can go to manage package and install UiPathTeam.String.Activities
There is a single activity which will give you a percentage of string matching.