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Automation Flow :
Excel file(Complete details of data) to New Excel File Format(Paste Important data)

Intro :
I Tried Changing (string to integer)/(Integer to String) on build data table, also
convert string to double in {Add row Array} but output still the same.

Here are the Full details of my Problem,

In my excel file (.xlsx) I have an integer amount, and some cells Defaulted into two decimal place. Yes, two decimal place is the output i need when data pass into Another new Excel.

For this sample, I Try to build data table in String type.

And for my {Add_row Array} goes like this,

Upon Run the automation, When data passes in a new Excel File , The amount value change.

Then I Notice the output of cell in Excel is in String Type or TEXT type

But in my New Excel format it is Number type .

How can I Default Decimals value into 2 decimal Place only, When Paste the data into new Excel Format.

Please Help,
I Took 3hours and more to Solved this. Yet, Still cant Get the correct Logic of this.

Thank You

You can format your string input like this before writing it into excel sheet.

Format(yourInputString, “0.00”)

If you are trying to convert to decimal -

Math.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(string), 2)

where should i apply formula?

Here’s my .xaml project
Please revise

Main.xaml (136.0 KB)


I tried replace string name to my dt.table.row.column,
in this converter
Math.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(string), 2)

and it works perfectly

Well thanks for this.

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