Debugging issue - excel to text then read and search


I’m getting an error on read text. What is the proper output for it to read the output of writelineExceltoTextR1.xaml (8.8 KB)

@sparkplug93 Instead of using read text you have to use read cell(If you want value from one cell) or read range activity(If you want value from whole excel)

so each sheet to write line to read range? What steps would come after

Write Line is not giving any output value , it is use to view the data in output panel.
If you want to read data from excel then you can use read range
for single cell u can use read cell

@sparkplug93 For getting value from cell use read cell and rest of the steps will be same.

Read range to output table to write text file then read text file? Then a condition with an ifstatement?

What is your requirement ?