Debugging a library


I have a workflow published as a library and this library is used in many processes. When executing the process, is there a way to debug the libraries? Currently, when there is an issue inside the library, it is not clear which activity inside the component raised the exception. What is the better way to handle exceptions while using libraries?


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There are a couple of ways you can go about this.

The first (and preferred) way is to perform debugging on the source library itself. Pass in parameters that triggered the error and evaluate the situation.

The second way is to design the library such that the error details shown will give you the information you need to debug the process. You could go so far as to log the values of variables, name the source of the error, etc. However, this can make your library cumbersome.


About logging Take notice of the verbose Level that Logs variables and ITS values by default

This Level can e.g selected for executing by modifying the Robot settings