Uipath Library - what is best practice to handel exceptions in library files

I created a library project which has almost 5 files…

what is the best practice to handel exceptions…

A file handel outlook funtions… In same file I have if statements so that when in some point outlook shows error then I’m throwing business rule exceptions message.

Now my question is, Is it OK that I build exception process (what robot should do when this exception occure) in the same file or do I need to create a new file for that?

What is the best practice??

logically exception process should be in same file so that I dont repeat outlook activities in a new file again just to handel exceptions. But what is right?


Ideally library components would be for one single functionality and exceptions are to be handled in process and not in the library…unless you want to retry and then throw…

Also if that exception steps are done only in one activity then its better you use in same else create a separate one and call so that it can be reused in other files also if needed



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