Date time format change

when entering date variable its returning dd/mm/yy HH:MM:SS I just want date in the forma of dd-mm-yy or dd:mm:yy

my coding is“dd-mm-yy”)


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hope this expression would helpyou resolve this

Cheers @WillBrown

sorry I should have added this in the first one?
Under Time is my variable with the string what should I change this to so it returns just the date not the date and time and in the format I need so I can save it?

we dont need that variable buddy
directly in TYPE INTO activity we can mention this expression

Cheers @WillBrown

perfect this is a fix but is there a way I can have this set as a variable? so its easier and quicker to use?

yah of course we can
like mention this Now.ToString(“dd_MM_yyyy”) in a string variable and use that in the expression like this

Cheers @WillBrown

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