Date should be less than first row date

Date1 Credit
19/11/2020 23,882.00
14/11/2020 2,379.00
14/11/2020 2,392.00
13/11/2020 0.00
13/11/2020 0.00
13/11/2020 1,40,00,000.00


I want to extract the value of credit by using First column(Date1),and here I need to extract when date is less than the first row date.

Ex:If My first date is 19th november and then i need to extract value of credit for 14th november,

Hi @Karthik_Kulkarni

Can you please elaborate a bit on more your query !!!

See i need to extract the value of CREDIT column based on Date column,so here i need to extract when the date is less than the first row date.

So in the above data i need to extract value for 14/11/2020 which is 2379.00,so it all depends on first row value.

please use Filter Data Table Activity.
hope this will help you.If this help you please mark it as solution.

But when you say that all the other data i.e. 2nd row to the last row is less than the 1st row date right ?

I need to compare only with first row where ,I need to consider only the date which is next below to the first row,i should not worry about the other rows.

Same in below i need to get next below date to 25th November,which is 22nd and value is 2379


Go through the following article for the same :slight_smile:

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile:

for the filter criteria you can reference to the first row date with:

Give a try on Filtering with the filter datatable acitivty

For filtering with the help of a LINQ statement find starter help here:
DT_FilterDates_byToday.xaml (8.5 KB)

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