How find particular text in data scraping and get its row and colno

I have a UI which has table. I did data scapring to it.
I have another UI which has number say for example count=1234
with this count I have to check whether it is present that table
match that count and this count

how to get particular text’s row or column?

Hi @KarthikBallary

please share the screenshot of both the tables, if it is not confidential

It is confidential, but I will send similar one



both are not tables, consider any one amng them for data scraping.
just take any data to compare

suppose if row.equals(“4th July 2019”)
get this row

you can try this-

  1. read 1st dataTable, then apply For each row
  2. apply for each row in 2nd dataTable
  3. assign date column (dataTable2) in a variable
  4. compare dates in both the datatables using If condition
  5. Inside If use Add datarow activity, if condition is true

2nd one is not a table
u have just end date is 4th july 2019 -only this text

okay, so assign this value in a variable and compare this with the dates in datatable.
Please make sure date format should be same here while comparing.
I hope this will help you. Please let me know if you have any other query

can you send any sample file of using add data, add data column etc

can we use this expression if (row(“Online Apllication Starts”).equals(date)…?
where date is a variable

row(count).ToString().Equals(“4th July 2019”)
it taking coulmn wise and throwing exception

In case you are trying to extract the end date alone, you can try using Get CV text, set anchor text to “Online Application will end” .

you want to extract the row from datatable where date is equals to “4th July 2019” . Am I right?
If Yes, then you can use Filter datatable activity

how to get 0th row 3rd column text(not excel), table from UI

You have to extract table first. Then by using index of row and column you can get value like-

what here Item is? what if I have Item in previous loops if any?