Date format changing after writing data table into writing csv in uipath

Hi all,

I have a date/time value as a string in the following format: “yyyy-MM-dd” in data table. Once I write this data table into a .CSV file using Write CSV activity, the format is changing to this: “dd.MM.yyyy”. I know that this is because Excel is changing the format.

My question is “Is there any way to force the Excel not to change the format while writing from data table to csv file, or anything I can do while writing into csv file in Studio?”

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


Have a look on it ->

Hello @Shokirov_Akhmadullo

Even if you change the format to the dates in the datatable and then if you write to excel it will change the format again to the default format. So what you can do is keep a template which is having the particular column in format as required.

Then use that excel to write your data. Otherwise it will kepp on changing when you write to Excel sheet.