Date comparing

Hi…Uipath community
I need your help on this

I have 12.02.2020 12:14 PM

I need to check less than 90 days or greater than 90days (now date)

Thanks in advance

compared to now / today?

For present date only

maybe you are looking for this:
with the assumption format is MM.dd.yyyy …

Or we are using ParseExact method

I tried with before this I’m getting error ,
Thank q soo much for ur response could you please tell me if the scenario like this

StrVar = 12.02.2020 12:14 PM

when having the value present in a variable then just try (for example)

(now.Date - CDate(strVar.Trim()).Date ).TotalDays

I tried with this

StrVar =12.02.2022 12:14 PM

( - CDate(strVar.trim()).Date).totaldays<90 it is coming as true

But it should be false right

just use the immediate panel for prototypings
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and feel free to swap the date and now
Also ensure, check and maybe shift to parseexact when dd.MM.yyyy dates are to handle