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Hello Sir,
we are working on a project in which we want to set time and date in my machine. but my machine take random date and time whenever we start the machine. so i want to create a flow in uipath that fetch the time and date from internet and set into the machine.
For that we make flowchart in that it take current date,month and year from website
but its not working. so we just want to fetch current date and time. we tried DateTime.Now.ToString() but it gives current date and time of my machine (which is not set correctly) not real time of my country

How to get date and time form internet without accessing the browser

Hi @abhay,

If you want to change the time of your machine to your country then go for settings in your system and select correct time zone.

If you trying to get the website time and planning to update in your machine, then your system should be disable to change the time automatically based on the settings.

@sarathi125 but my system has CMOS problem thats why we have to set date and time again and again…
is their any builtin function so that with the help of it we can fetch date and time directly from internet without clicking on browser


Check this link, may be useful if you are trying to get time in UiPath itself.

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thank you @sarathi125

This will return a DateTime from converting the current time from the local machine. It will not solve the problem for him :confused:

Try this @abhay
GetTime_Robot.xaml (9.1 KB)

You just have to pass the Country and the City as paramater.

Hope it Helps :slight_smile:


thank you @Lucas.Pimenta

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