How to get the timing of the machine where orchestrator is located?

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I want to capture date and time of the machine where Orchestrator is located using UiPath.
Can you please help to get the solution on this?

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Hi @Sanket_Patil11,

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You can get it using System.DateTime.Now in an assign activity. May I know where and when you need to get the datetime value.

Hello @sarathi125,

Scenario is like My orchestrator is hosted on different machine and I have developed my BOT in local machine and I deployed it on Orchestrator and if I use System.DateTime.Now in an assign activity then I can get the local machine time if I run on local machine but If I run the same using Orchestrator then Can I get the Date & TIme of the machine where orchestrator is located?

Use this custom activity,

else check this link to convert your system time to a different timezone.

Hi could you get a solution for this?
@Palaniyappan @Nithinkrishna @lakshman can you please give some suggestions on how to get the current date/time of the orchestrator from the bot machine

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Hey @saurabhB

The below may help…

Using this the time can be manipulated !