i have one datatable (DB1) which is having two columns. i need to get those two columns in another datatable (DB2) but in a specific format. i want data from the first column of DB1 in the first column of DB2 and second column of DB1 in the 6th column of DB2.
what should i do for this?

You have to put a for each row inside another for each row. So, when you get the value of DT1, call it for example, row(“Age”).Tostring, you have to write it in the column of DT2 that you want.

Suposse that your 6th column of the 2nd DT is called Year… So:

For each row -> For each row -> Assign { row2(“Year”) = row1(“Age”) }

Doing this you will have all the values of column Age (suposse it the First column of the DT) in the 6th column (called “Year” by us) of the second DT.

NOTE: To do that, first you have to define the datatables. I mean, you have to construc all the columns and define their types before call them.