DataTables activities

Hey Community, I have two dataTables: DT1 and DT2, these two dataTables have a one commun column “ID” and I want to copy values from column named “Col1” in DT1 to another column named “Col2” in DT2 based on column “ID”

Hi @BlueBird1

You can use the following query:

For Each row In DT1.Rows
   Dim idValue As String = row("ID").ToString
   Dim matchedRow As DataRow = DT2.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(x) x("ID").ToString = idValue).FirstOrDefault()
   If matchedRow IsNot Nothing Then
      matchedRow("Col2") = row("Col1").ToString
   End If

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

Hi @BlueBird1

Use “Join data table” activity


I tried your code and I got this error
Read Range: A column named ‘col2’ already belongs to this DataTable.
I know that my data table contain this column, and I dont want to add the column I just want to store the values of col2 in col1 based on “ID”

hello again.
try using dictionary if data is less.
read first table dt1
create one dictionary (Dict)(of string, string) or (of string, Object) add key as first table’s ID column and and value as “Col1” as you need this in second table asTb2
while itterating Provide for each row while providing dt1 instead provide dt1.DefaultView.ToTable(true,“ID”,“Col1”) it will gie unique values for dict in assign activity provide Dict(CurrentRow(“ID”).tostring)=CurrentRow(“Col1”).tostring

read second table add one column name “Col2” or if its there no worry. itterate it with for each row give assign currentrowTb2(“Col2”)= Dict(CurrentRowTb2(“ID”).tostring