DataTable with Error NullReferenceException

Guys, good morning, I’m creating a process that connects in access and allocates data from a table in the Datatable.
However some columns are null in the Source Table and when working with it I get the following error


What is the best way to handle this type of error? because even though the column is empty and needs at least its value to be “”

Can you help me?

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Welcome to uipath community buddy and thats a good question to start with

Its not the issue either with message box or excel cell data…its about the null value been referenced by a variable and when we try to get the referenced null value, we get this sort of error, to handle this and get atleast string.Empty as you expect “”, we can validate whether it is null or not with some condition may be a if condition
before printing it with messge box, assign that text to a variable and try to validate like this
in if condition

If that s empty in then part print in message box like

or in else part print like

May be this can help you buddy , refer this xaml

Thats all buddy you are all done
Sequence.xaml (7.2 KB)


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is that working buddy @Rafaeloneil

It worked perfectly, thank you very much!

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Cheers buddy keep going

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