DataTable variable stored in Config variable - good practice?


In config file from UiPath ReFramework I added new sheet with datatable and I saved it in config variable as a whole datatable. I did that because this datable is storing mapped values for specifc companies.

Thanks to that, i can pass in arguments only Config variable and use it like that:

dt_Var = ctype(in_Config(“dtVar”),System.Data.DataTable)

Then I’m using lookup value in that dt_Var to get specific value and I’m clearing dt_Var with:

dt_Var = Nothing

Is that good approach? Is there any threats with this approach?
@ppr - would you have any suggestion about this idea? :slight_smile:

we can do: storing a datatable within the config dict and cast it from returned object to datatable.
An alternate would be using the DirectCast method.

With viewpoint to the UiPath Architecture we also have options like Storage Buckets / Data Service

Another technique is also to provide the datatable as CSV string or JSON. In this case we use for the exchange the simple datatype string.

Other viewpoints can be:

  • targeted flexibility on config / datatable changes
  • security / confidentials of the datatable data

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