Log Message: Column 'HR' does not belong to DataTable(config file)


I am using the config file to retrieve values as strings & objects. The output datatable is correct, but when attempting to retrieve a specific value, an error occurs stating that ‘hr’ does not belong to this datatable.

Can you check ‘hr’ column present in the table.

Hi @chandrakala.productanalys

Ensure that the column name you are using to retrieve the value exactly matches the actual column name in your DataTable. Column names are case-sensitive, so ensure the case is correct.

Hi @chandrakala.productanalys

I think there is a mistake in the Column name “HR” write the datatable to excel by using Write range workbook activity and copy the header name and provide the name it was better.

Or If you know the column number provide the index number of the column. If it is 1st column index value is 0, If it is 2nd column index value is 1.

Hope it helps!!

Yes, the output datatable displays all the values.

in_config(CurrentRow(“Name”).ToString)=CurrentRow(“Value”).i have to get the row in datatable.


Can you please show the config file how it looks


If you want to get the HR Value then follow below


It will get the HR Value

I would like to retrieve the rows from a configuration file and assign them to the ‘Attach Browser’ activity
in_config(“Hr”).ToString-I encountered an error while retrieving the rows from the configuration file.

To get the Value of HR from Column Name Value

Try this and Store in your Variable

Str_HR = in_config(“HR”).ToString

Hope it will helps you :slight_smile:

I need to assign each value from config file to a variable."

You can take Multiple Assign Activity and assign each value like below:

Str_HR = in_config(“HR”).ToString
Str_AELogin = in_config(“AE Login”).ToString
Str_AEHome = in_config(“AE HOME”).ToString


you can directly pass each value using in_config(“NameColumnValue”).ToString


Check this:
Forum.zip (2.4 KB)

Happy Automation :slight_smile:

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