Datatable : removing blanks from particular column and removing dates other than current date


I have a data table in the below format:


I need to delete all rows where Operator_ID(Cancellation) is blank. I need to delete all rows where TRANSACTION_DATE is not yesterday.

Kindly suggest how to do this using LINQ.


Use filter data table activity


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HI Pravin,
Thanks but Date is in time stamp format :

3/15/2021 6:58
3/14/2021 16:29
3/13/2021 9:16

I will keep 3/15/2021 6:58 and delete the rest

Yes…You can do that

Hi Pravin,

This is not working in case of dates.

I am getting output dataTable as blank.

First check if column TRANSACTION_DATE in your dt has DateTime value type. If not u can parse it like here:

Next use filter with remove for Operator_ID(Cancellation) is empty.

Use another filter activity with keep for:


Replace cancel_date filer with >= Now
or cancel_date <= now.adddays(-2)


we can use a LINQ statement. It allows us a good control on datatype and conversion handlings

Use an assign activity
Leftside: dtFiltered - Datatype: datatable
Right side:

(From d In YourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable
Where Not (IsNothing( d("Operator_ID(Cancellation)")) OrElse String.IsNullOrEmpty(d("Operator_ID(Cancellation)").toString.Trim))
Where Not CDate(d("TRANSACTION_DATE").toString.Trim).Date <> now.AddDays(-1).Date
Select d).CopyToDatatable

For a defensive handling of empty result we can apply following pattern:


I assume I can change that cdate to datetime.parseexact to show the pattern of the string if I know it? I would use that in my automation :slight_smile:

yes. This can be done and it gives a more deep level of control we often do this as well

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