Datatable merge and get count on basis of this

hello freinds, i am working on re framework configured for datatable. so what my task is i have to count the no the subject in which the kid is pass

Hi @amit_joshi

You can use Select method to get the count

DataTable.Select("[ColumnName] = ’ “+ValueToFilter+” ’ ").CopyToDataTable.Rows.Count.ToString

Cheers :slight_smile:

Actually what i am trying to achieve is this like i have common emp id and name based on that i want to find out how many subject he is pass like in example.

Can you send me your dummy excel file??

amit big.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Whether you tried without the linq query???

no,actually i am not getting any logic for this type.


Check this :point_down:

This output is okay for you which I have got from my workflow,
amit_output.xlsx (8.8 KB)
and the workflow,
SampleSequence.xaml (19.5 KB)