DataTable Filter on dates not working

Hey guys,

I’m having difficulty with this Filter DataTable activity. I am able to filter in other places in my workflow but for some reason the filter is not working on the date columns.

Just for testing, I have got it to Output CSV immediately before and after the filter. I have also copied and pasted the exact values in the “Before” table for my filter criteria… So the values HAVE to match… but for some reason my Filter Table activity is returning zero results from this.

Please see attached. Any help appreciated.


BEFORE filter:

AFTER filter:

File structure(columns):

give a try by changing the filter on datetime datatype base
have a look here:
Filter_Dates.xaml (6.7 KB)

As a fall back find alternate here:
DT_FilterDates_ByDaysSegment.xaml (8.4 KB)