Datatable date formatting

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I have huge excel datatable of 3000 rows. First Column in Excel has a date in a format (fri, 04/10/2019). I gotta format this so that column date values are shown like this (4.10.2019).
Best thing is i have done this already before with datetime.parseexact, but cannot figure out how it was written! :slight_smile:

User replaces for exemple:

Then use if to see if you first char is 0
If True

Or you can work with date formats


As per my understanding, you want to change the format ‘fri, 04/10/2019’ to ‘4.10.2019’.

Considering the above as the case, you can split the string w.r.t “coma” using string array variable. (lets say strAr_String ).

Now take strAr_String(1) part, such that you get 04/10/2019.

Now, you can replace “/” with “.” as shown below:-

string OutputResult = strAr_String(1).tostring.replace("/",".").

Please let me know if you have issues in understanding my approach.

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