Hi i have a process in which i am using a Datascrapping to scrape a table in web page then I’m using for each row in datatable activity and gave the datatable variable in value… The bot performs various functions in every row of datatable. After it is completed it should exit the loop and move to next queue item. How can i give the condition to exit the loop once the bot has performed the actions on every item of datatable? Can anyone please guide. Thanks

Hi @AAH ,

If all the items are to be processed, then it would move on to the next Step automatically after the For Each Row loop completes it’s execution.

The Moving on to next queue item depends on How you have the configured or designed the workflow.

Let us know what happens currently when you execute the workflow.

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Well for each row activity will iterate only till last record of a datatable
Which means if all rows are processed it gets out of the loop and continue further

Picking next queue item will happen usually in. REFramework where each queue item gets processed one by one

Cheers @AAH

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