How to process items in turn?


How to process items in turn in the application?
I need to go into each of them, process and get into this list and continue working

If the item is successfully processed, then it disappears from this list; if it is not successfully processed, it should write the logs and continue

Any ideas how to implement this?
thanks for any suggestions

Can u explain it what is ur input and what u have to do and what should be ur output?

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I need ideas on how to enter these elements in turn.
Suppose I select the first element, a window opens in it, I compare the data and save, if the data is correct, then this element disappears (from the list in the picture)

you might want to use a counter to keep track on “current row”

idx = 1 (or 0)

you begin your loop:

  • if no corresponding row, break
  • process
  • if success, next (the row index remains the same)
  • it’s a fail, then log, idx = idx + 1 and next
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Okay got it.

  1. Scrap the data first. Loop through that scrapped datatable a new data table for storing status.
  2. Get text from first item say varItem
  3. Click the element and perform your validations
  4. if success or error then add datarow with item and status like {varItem,status}
    6.Once everything is complated u have ur status datatable ready
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  1. “This control does not support data extraction” error

If that’s the case you will have to try Full Text Screen Scraping (or the find child activity). Also, you will need knowledge of dynamic selectors to click on each item in the table. If you look at the selector code, you will probably find part of the first selector has a “0” or “1” and you would usually replace that number with a counter variable mentioned above.

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So your steps will be data extraction (via screen scraping or other method) > Loop through the table it creates > in iteration instance of your loop you will put your processing code, whatever that may be.

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Test if ElementExists or Scrap data and count the number of rows, the goal is to know when to exit the loop.

As you’ll need a selector for the cell’s related to their row, an Element Exist seems right.

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Can you read better?

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