Datascrapping not working as expected

I am trying to scrap the Item Id and Name from below webpage using data scrapping method
It is not working as the value of meta-data is changing when I am trying to scrap each time. Kindly check the below screenshots.

Please help me on the same.


Did you already tried to modify this selector by using wildcards? Like:
ms-Link nameField_f6dec15a root-*

By your screenshot you are using SharePoint right? If so, I recommend use dedicated activities to interact with it. Is much easier.


Don’t use things like class in selectors. Use more reliable things like aaname.

I have checked multiple times, Class is not changing just meta data is changing

I downloaded the package and checked with URL, username and password but getting following error:
Can you suggest Instance type and usage of it

I don’t know anything about Sharepoint. Seems the error message is telling you the problem, no? Something wrong with what you entered into username…

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