Datascraping from multiple browser tabs for different search results

I have different images in a folder which need to be searched on ‘Google Images’ website and I need to data scrap the results separately for each image.

I am opening each image search in separate Chrome tabs and data scraping the results in Datatable.

Everything works fine except data scraping gets data from the first opened browser tab always. Data scraping is not taking data from the current tab.

I want result of each image separately and save into datatable.

Any lead will be helpful. (3.8 MB)

Hi @adoshi, you can refer to the below links. They have several different approaches mentioned to resolve your issue:

@adoshi - if you do a multiple chrome browsers activity with image search - it will impact your VM/PC/robot performance. you can try below steps…

1- Do a for each loop with your image folder files
2- open chrome → navigate → and do the search & data scraping activities
3- once you complete your respective activities - close the browser
4 - continue the loop with another image item

It close the multiple chrome sessions(processes) in your VM/PC and improve the robot performance.


Hi @adoshi

Have a look to the below thread :-

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Thank you very much everyone for your help and quick reply.
@GBK by closing browser helped me solve my issue and also robot performance.

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