Datarow Null exception

Below is the error tab

Below is the code

Excel Sheet

How to sole this

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Where is the datatable test coming from?
are you just declaring it or reading it from somewhere

Just declaring it

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So thats the error, You need to declare the data table with the number of columns that you are inserting, Or else you will get a null reference exception. Just use build data table with those number of column names.(before doing the add datarow) :slight_smile:


one more query every time in a loop if I add datarow it will add to a new row?

How to updatee a single column of an excel in a loop

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Yes, you can use the add data column activity to update a single column.:slight_smile:


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I m using for each row so for the first row I have to update a column of that row itself in the excel
but using add datarow it is entering the value to next row of that column

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WHile using for each row, If you want to input value to that column do → row(“Columnname”)=“Value”


I have a if condition so if that is true then for each row starts where i have to update an excel say test but if the if condition is false also i have to enter the data in same excel test

so do I have to use 2 write range because if I use write range in for each then other condition is not satisfied…

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dont use write range in that. Use assign and atlast after the foreach put write range

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