DataGrid not displaying both columns

I have two forms that I pass a datatable to for display. The user simply clicks on a Yes or No button to confirm processing should continue.

The first one works fine.

The second one shows up like this…


Even though this is the Output Data Table result immediately before the form…


Why won’t it display the first column? It’s just a 2 column, 2 row datatable and I tried letting it generate the form object, and tried creating it manually. Yes, I’m passing the datatable into the Create Form activity with the correct datatype and name.

Well I used Build Data Table to create a table with two STRING columns, and then populated that table, and it worked. So a datatable with two numeric columns didn’t display properly but one with two string columns worked fine. When I did this I also named the first column Vault Number instead of Vault DDA#. Not sure if this was the issue, because the other form displays a column with # in it properly.