Execute query - throw exception

Hi I have an execute query of getting one row from DB which may exist or may not. And my next activity is checking if row is empty or not.but the exceute query throwing exception ’ there is no row at position 0’ if there is no row. But I want to continue on next check.
I don’t wanna enable continue on error or try catch as sometimes the query can be wrong. How to continue on next activity on such cases


In Execute query right click on that activity you can see the surrounded with Try-Catch in the catch block use System.Exception And use Continue


How are you checking if the row is empty or not? check if dt.rows.count=0 and in the else part write the remaining steps. You can Assign dt=new datatable() before the execute query activity

Hello @Rilna_Rilna, Provide a condition before the Database activity, If the row is null or empty it should not goes to the DB activity and check the next loop.
You can use flow decision or if condition