Database could not be saved

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I m facing some issue where I am not able to make change or simply save build datatable activity though i have not made any edit. I will get the error message pop up "Database could not be saved. Please check the column types." I did try with different version of the Uipath.system.activities still no use. Please refer the below screen shots for reference…
Current version installed

Issue faced

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @gurumayum.sharma,
check here this might help:

Thanks @ydimitrova for the quick response. Looks like they are going to release the fixed on next package release.

I hope so.
However, I have tested what was on your screenshot and I did no have any problem saving. Here is a screenshot to see the version of the packages:

and the version of my studio:

@ydimitrova Yea even my colleague has no issue. I was the only one. Earlier it was working fine. Don’t know what went wrong.