I have dates in config file of every thursday of a week. I need to use that date in my bot how to do it in uipath.


In general you can use


If you have multiple config values for the Thursday then you have to read it dynamically or based on the current date.

HI @Ak_4

Try with this following

  1. Use Read range activity → Store it as dtConfigExcel

  2. Use Assign activity

Create a new Dictionary for storing Excel key/val from Config.xlsx datatable

dictConfig = New Dictionary(of String, String)



  1. Use For each row in data table activity

  2. Use If activity → Check the column is empty or not

not String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(CurrentRow("Name").ToString.Trim)
  1. Use Assign activity
Add Key/Value pair to New Dictionary

dictConfig(CurrentRow("Name").ToString) = CurrentRow("Value").ToString


  1. Use Assign activity → set variables based on Config.xlsx name/value


Hope it will heps


Refer to this video, You may get Some Idea

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