Data table with write range activity issue

Hi All, Iam trying to write the data to the excel from data table. One of the columns data is not displaying under the column name. Please check the output snapshot for the issue.




For now, can you check schema of InvoiceDataSet.tables(0) ? Does it have Amount Due column?
We can check it at locals panel if set Breakpoint at MergeDataTable activity then debug run.


@Parameswari due to different column name its making another column during merging

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Hi @Parameswari ,

Can you try to debug it at Merge DataTable and check the value in InvoiceDataSet.Tables(0) in the immediate panel?

Seems like while extracting it’s not outputting in the correct column.

Happy Automation!

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CAN YOU check the fields of your taxonomy manager is that you mentioned 4 or not
and aslo try once InvoiceDataSet.Tables(1) replace it in Merge DataTable

Hi All,

After debugging, the destination data table has shown duplicate column names as “Amount Due”.

I have deleted my Build data table activity and added it with column names again. I can’t see duplicate column names in Build datatable activity

Taxonomy manager has all the four columns

Hi @Parameswari

Notice in the Local panel, there is a some space between 22/05/2020 and Rs.89,600.00.
That’s why it was printing the amount due cloumn as empty fields and printing the values in the other column.

Hope it helps!!


To isolate cause, can you try the following expression using Messagebox and share its result?

 String.Join(vbcrlf,dt_invoice.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn).Select(Function(dc) String.Join(",",dc.ColumnName.Select(Function(c) AscW(c).ToString))))


Hi Yoichi,
Please check the output.


Thank you sharing.


This shows there is a white space at the end of 2nd “Amout Due” column name.

So can you remove the whitespace from Taxonomy name or add whitespace at the end of the columnanem in BUild datatable?


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Hi @Yoichi ,

You are correct.I can see the white space after column name in Taxonomy.

Output is as expected now.

Thanks a lot:)

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