Data table filtering

… How to filter a data table . here i have column names like mobile,url,price stored in a .CSV file. in the assign activity im using code like this“price>10000”) but showing an error doesn’t performing > action as you can see in the image … can anyone look into this please

hey @Harshavardhan

Try with this:“price>‘10000’”)

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it worked thanks @aksh1yadav . one more question how to write these output in to excel file ? here output is in the form to string how to covert it into data table ?

Hello @Harshavardhan,

DataTable.Select method gets an array of all DataRow objects.

one possible solution would be to use the DataTable.ImportRow method to convert this array to datable:

Here is an example: (2.1 KB)


How to get System.Data.DataRow array please show me